Midget female rapper who spits out rhymes about sex and nothin' but.
Lil Kim keeps tellin' about how she's a jump-off, but tell that to Biggie (oh wait he's dead).
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
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1)Female rapper who is more perverted than males
2)Person who believes thier being hated on because she is a slutty tramp
3)Buy one get some for free
1)Watch how i make a sprite bottle disappear in my moutt (come on)
2)"why yall hatin just cause i can fuck your man"
3)man: hey lil kim should i buy your cd?
kim: well i could give you a free sample hint hint
by Tical January 27, 2004
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A female rapper. Known largely for swearing like a sailor, in her singing and otherwise: it mostly involves bragging about sexual exploits.
Why just "lil kim"? Why not fit in more discriptions of her, like obsc'ne, logom'niac'l, perv'rse, or k'nky?
by Lorelili July 7, 2005
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Still the QUEEN OF RAP!! Ms G.O.A.T and a living legend in the rap game. Talentless, fake bitches wanna be her so bad even in 2011 *cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*

No album, no single she still draws them out.

For Lil Kim wannabes see: Nicki Minaj
Example 1:

Kevin: Did you hear how the Queen of Rap killed that fake bitch Nicki on Black Friday?
Tammy: Yes, she got annihilated. Kim is still that bitch.

Example 2:

Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed.
by MickieFan August 14, 2011
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The QUEEN of rap / hip hop music , been around since 95 still runnin the game. the legacy of notorious b.i.g . often hated by nicki minaj fans that have no clue what rap music is and listen to pop & techno .
conspiracy (junior mafia) , hardcore , notorious k.i.m , la bella mafia , the naked truth , miss g.o.at , black friday . - lil kim albums/mixtapes
by LaBellaMafiiax February 4, 2012
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the best to ever touch the mic
the best rapper beter than eve fox trina missy althem other hoes
by ren December 10, 2003
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