"Little Mexico, also known as Kirkwood, is a hood in east Atlanta, zone 6. This small community is notorious for murders, drugs, and rap. With rappers like young scooter and future coming out of kirkwood. Don't let the name fool you, none of the residence are Mexican, the whole community is almost entirely African-American. Many of them can be seen wearing an American Flag. Moral of the story, don't get caught slipping in Lil Mexico.
Aye bro you heard about that Murder in lil Mexico?
by AtlantaZone6bitch March 11, 2015
A hood slang specifically meaning in the streets or highly associated with the streets, and or having multiple connections with narcotics, etc.
Yo I went to DC aka Lil Mexico and got some good gas ⛽️ No Cap !
by $treetshit December 6, 2019