Badass rapper from the triple six mafia click, Hypnotized Camp Possie. Hes got some tight ass flows. This nigga raps some real shit, listen to his lyrics its deep.
lil chrome mayne, listen to his song "23 and 1", that shows how real this man is.

" what cha niggas know about really bein' locked down, 23 and 1, the lower level know as down town "
by xxdizannyxx February 11, 2006
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"young teenage hoe nigga" as juicy j would describe him.

another badass song is "This is my life" he kills every verse. The last verse in whatcha need is real as fuck, and The second verse in the song "23 and 1" is the best rap verse i have ever heard maybe. He talks about his brother whose in jail. Listen, there were roomers that he left HCP, but i have no idea if they are true. Truthfully i hope hes gone because three 6 turned gay after the release of this album (project pat and lil wytes albums were ok, but they just lost their signature beats and sounds.)
That nigga lil chrome is a real ass rapper
by steakii August 20, 2007
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