Ligma is a rare and fatal disease that took the lives of Ninja and Supreme Patty. It also gave the famous and rare Fortnite skin known as the skull trooper massive boobies on it. 80% of the people diagnosed with the rare ligma disease are Fortnite streamers. The ligma disease is extremely contagious, and sadly Ninja's ligma disease was passed on to DR LUPO. It is a very sad and painful disease and Ninja's daughter named Chug Jug will never be able to actually see her father in person. rip ligma sucks #skulltrooperwithmassiveones
Person #1: Hey Ninja isn't live how come?
Person #2: Oh you didn't hear? He died to the ligma disease.
Person #1: Damn that's sad, what about Dr. Lupo?
Person #2: Dr. Lupo is currently hospitalized and in a very bad condition because Ninja passed on the disease to him.
Person #1: Damn that's so sad.
Person #3: What is ligma?
Person #2: Ligma nuts you fat coon
by Legendkid123 July 20, 2018
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Person: we are trying to cure ligma.
Idiot: what's ligma?
Person: ligma balls Lmao (dab)
by Lmao dab dab July 22, 2018
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Ligma is a rare disease in which body leads to kill all brain cells.

Cause: playing fornite or playing fornite with no underwear/panties

Symptoms: swelling of sperms without masturbating

Treatment : not yet

Death : 1
"I can't believe he died from ligma."
by Dr.Boobstar August 01, 2018
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A fatal, yet rare disease passed on by Fortnite streamer β€œNinja”. After winning E3 his ego rose so high that he was diagnosed with Ligma.
fortnite 9 year old: no way bro, ninja died of ligma, lol rip. im gonna comment rip on all his vids because im a savage roadman. bahahahaha”
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by MemesWillRise July 23, 2018
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Ligma is a trick to get your friends to say "Whats ligma?". Then, You say "LIGMA BALLZ!!!". You may lose friends after this.
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by MynamjeffBOI October 31, 2018
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A common disease for black or white people, when they see Muslims or Islamic people or autistic tennis players.
Yo did you see taht autistic dude Lucas in the hallway, he deffo has Ligma.
by Ligma420mydude March 23, 2019
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A term or verb used to describe when one has contracted a severe case of Cancer ( ligma).

Can be contracted through twitter, will cause side effects of such:
-A severe case of autism
-A meme sentence lasting about 2 months
- Type 1 diabetes
-Having 12e's saying 'you have ligma' every two seconds.
-hepatitis c
- having a sudden urge to play 'fortnite'
'Ligma balls' is a popular way to say ligma
hey do you have ligma? What's ligma? LIGMA BALLS HA GOTTEM.
by Xx_Gay_retard_xX October 20, 2018
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