It's a rare contagious disease that causes the male genital areas to grow tumors which aren't cancerous but cause intense pain when left alone. They can spread to the kidney and the heart, causing kidney and heart failure respectively. If ligma isn't stopped at stage 1, before it reaches the kidneys, the patient unfortunately has no way of surviving stage 2 or 3. The only known cure is to cut off the penis early on, but research organizations such as the Curing Ligma Organization (CLO) work around the clock in developing another cure. You can donate to them and learn more at cureligma.org.

And why are there so many recent cases? Well, the last known outbreak was in the 1980s, when large amounts of Jewish-Americans moved back to Israel. They had contracted but were able to resist stage 1 ligma, but in Israel, natives were not suited ro withstand it. As Israel suffered this outbreak, ligma evolved and began to spread to various countries in Asia. A team of researchers at Pepperdine have actually recently suggested that Jews are more susceptible to this deadly disease, and because ligma is contagious, you may need to avoid them to keep yourself as safe as possible.

When a patient is in stage 1 of ligma, there are visible tumors on his genitals, which are informally called "ligma balls" during this stage. It's quite sad, really - knowing that 90% of stage 1 ligma goes undetected, and that 90% will have their life taken away by some horrible disease.
"Hey, you know Ninja, the Fortnite Streamer?"
"I heard he just died of ligma."
"Oh no that's horrible"
by ligmaballslol July 23, 2018
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A horrific disease that is spreading famous people. Also known for killing one of the best fortnite players Ninja.
1)-Yo, did you hear that Ninja, Supreme Patty died?

- Yah, I heard they died because of Ligma.
2) Retarded instagram commenter: What's Ligma?

Actual genius: Ligma ballzzzz
by YungDaggerDick_68 July 20, 2018
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a serious lifethreatining disease caused by fortnite and too much mountain dew
by abdiwazhere August 08, 2018
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Ligma is an extremely fatal disease anyone can get. Many people have died from this disease. There is no current cures or vaccines for Ligma. Once you get Ligma you instantly die.
Guy 1: Hey, I got some bad news.
Guy 2: What is it?
Guy 2: My dad died from Ligma.
Guy 2: What's Ligma?
Guy 1: Ligma balls
by xxmonkey04xx July 18, 2018
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Ligma actually isn't a disease. It's actually just something that sounds like "lick my".
by ChickenLui November 03, 2018
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LIGMA ( Lung Inflammation by Gas Molecules Ascending ) is a rare form of BOFA ( Body Oscillation Fatal Area ) which is the process of a specific area contracting and expanding repeatedly causing fatal damage. LIGMA happens in the Lungs. They expand and contract due to many gas particles found in the Sugendese areas of Grabahan. These particles when exposed to high heat areas begin to infuse into the tissue and begin the process. However, a new, very common, mode of transport if these particles in through the retinas. Though a very weak virus, the SUGMA variant of Ligma can come from exposure to intense amounts of Fortnite. This is thought to be the method that popular Twitch streamer Ninja has gone through, and unfortunately, it can be fatal. After hearing that Ninja has died from SUGMA. People across the internet mourn of his passing. Fortnite has gone through many patches and updates to insure SUGMA and possibly LIGMA will stay off servers.
Richard Tyler Blevins, known as popular Twitch streamer Ninja, has passed away from LIGMA.
by Heckin’HeckHeckers August 09, 2018
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