It's a form of the word "legitimate." It can be used if something is true or valid to a certain situation. A person can be "ligit" if he or she is extremely trustworthy in a certain situation.
"Look it up on Wikipedia." -- "Man, is that shit ligit?"
"Does he really sell crack?" -- "Yeah, he's the ligit."
by Jesse's girl April 24, 2007
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Consiting of awesomeness. Awesome to the extreme. Totally fricken awsome.
Dalton is NOT under any circumstances, ligit. See also the Ligit Gangstas of Blackness with a Hint of Vinegar, or Team Legit.
by :)WhatIsThis<3 April 17, 2009
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Ligit -Meaning Cursed To Always Be Right, Untouchable,Cant Be Outsmarted, The Very Best Of The Best
Mike Is Always Ligit When It Comes To Music,Girls,Family,Freindships, Or Anything Else For That Matter :).
by Ligit January 14, 2005
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