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A lifestyle business is an enterprise that provides its Founders/Owners with an adequate personal lifestyle but that is all. In other words, it does not represent a game changing, large-scale opportunity that others such as Venture Capital funds can or would participate in—there just isn’t a large enough market, growth is too low or their market share is too small.
“We run one of the most successful east coast VC-funds but a lot of the entrepreneurs who are coming to see us these days are really pitching a lifestyle business which, frankly, we have zero interest in. Even if everything goes exactly right, their growth rate is so low and the overall market is so small that, apart from giving the Founders each a job, there isn’t anything left over for us. We need to see more game-changing opportunities that will provide us with a return on investment that is 10 times what we put in. The only way to get a lifestyle business off the ground is to bootstrap it.”
by Prof Bruce April 01, 2010
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