To be an organism with an almost supernaturally complex chemical-biological system.

To be sentient.

A period of time that an organism is
biologically active.
by waffle October 03, 2003
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You obviously have no life because you're a virgin and/or are good at anything that doesn't involve sex such as breathing.
by An Unintelligent Being March 26, 2008
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Life is a experience where our state of reality is manipulated by "divines tools". We are only a bunch of extraordinary proparties influencing each other through existentialism. Such proparties of reality are you're biological and psychological entities and sociological and environmental influences. These four proparties of reality will influence each other shaping your character and personality and the profound effects are so difference and random that each person will have a unique unpredictability that makes you your own person. Alot of this on the other hand will depend on your birthplace.
Charles Manson's life is a great example but anything that is complex enough will do.
by xicorrocix July 31, 2006
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Life's a shit-sandwich and everyday you have to take another bite!
Finding a man that will hot cheat on you for life, because we all know that every man cheats, it is in their DNA. Men are all pigs!
by The Anrkissed May 09, 2008
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a beautiful wonderful scary crazy thing. Its something that makes you:
smile at something sweet
cry when something is sad
laugh at yourself
hope for the future
grieve for your losses
confront your fears
love unconditionaly
really really angry
just plain crazy and much much more.
Life can be what ever you want it to be and you only get one. Make it a good one.
by SDdimples February 18, 2009
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life=forever yet forever=life but if you live life then you die then forever isnt very long... and if you tell someone or you think that your going to love them "forever" then your not going to love them for very long so dont say i will love you forever just say you will love them as long as you possibly can.....
i thought i would love tyler forever but then i thought that forever isnt very long so i think i will love him as long as i can or mabe till the end of time im not sure yet...?

i wish you(tyler) would love me like i love you
by meranda December 22, 2003
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