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term describing a "sugar daddy" and/or "sugar momma" that sounds less degrading than flat out claiming that person gives you money essentially to breathe and/or end up in compromising situations. Easiest way to decide a girl has a life investor: no job with lots of travel pictures alone i.e. Dubai, expensive purses, shoes, and the words 'public figure' any where on her Instagram.
Friend: Wow Jill, how do you get to take all these vacations and have all of these lovely handbags?? You don't even have a job!

Jill: Easy answer! I found a life investor online and he's all I'll ever need. And no, you won't see any pictures of him, he's wayyyy to camera shy. Plus he's always working so you won't be able to hang out with him.
by blue donk June 29, 2017
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