A crazy mother f***** who beleives in allowing abortion; thereby, prohibiting babies the inalienable right to life.
"We liberals are going to vote next week on whether or not we should legalize genecide just so it is done in a civilized way.
by Jesse Sharpton October 02, 2007
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A member of the extreme left side of the political spectrum, who will verbally assault any person of differing opinion on any matter under the pretense that they are closed-minded because they don't agree.

One who likes to complain about the state of the nation when a Republican president is in office, because any choice they make will undoubtedly be morally wrong.
Liberal 1:
What the fuck man, why didn't the government stop that bombing? Fucking assholes aren't even trying to protect this nation!!

Liberal 2:
What the fuck man, our government is MURDERING innocent terrorists, and our troops are DYING! Why doesn't that nazi president just leave them alone? It's not like they'll try to murder innocent civilians whenever they get the chance or anything.

Liberal 3(engaged in rioting):
STOP TRYING TO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY YOU BASTARDS!!! *throws large rocks at riot police* *riot police respond with tear gas* YOU NAZI ASSHOLES YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE OUR MESSAGE!! *throws molotov cocktail* *riot police beat the fuck out of aggressor* WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE 1ST AMMENDMENT??? THIS GOVERNMENT IS SO CORRUPT!!!!!
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 21, 2005
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One who cares for America and wishes to preserve the ideals of this nation's founders, all progressive men in their day.
Ben Franklin owned a Cannabis farm and George Washington was known to toke up as well. Plus, they wrote the Bill of Rights. They were liberals. They would start a riot if they could see how their ideals are getting assraped by the current government
by Jonzo the Weasel May 10, 2006
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Somehow very misconstrued in the American politic system because liberalism at least in the original sense despised government intervention (aka handouts) and various other modern day tenets of liberalism in the US. They believe in individual freedoms, laisse-faire economics, property rights, and limited government. The closest to true liberalism that you will get in the US is probably liberatiarinism but there are still some differences there.
If you want to see true liberals read Adam Smith, Voltaire, or Tom Paine.
by P. Kaltenbach December 23, 2007
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in the U.S. Someone who means well, but doesn't understand that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

see also Naive, Hypocrite
Johnny means well, but like most Liberal asshats, he hasn't thought it through yet.
by epicsftw February 07, 2008
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A conservative who has not been mugged yet.
He wont be liberal after he gets his ass kicked by a loose druggie.
by don April 08, 2005
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A person, generally associated with Democrats, who often contradicts him/herself on many issues. They generally have good ideas, but do not think very much about the issues at stake. Their general views tend to be: anti-war, pro-abortion, pro-taxes, anti-religion, etc.
On racial relations: Liberals will ensure "equality" of minorities by giving themselves fewer rights.
On the environment: Use tons of paper to protest cutting down a forest.
On personal responsibilities: There are none. The government must stop every choice a person makes before said person makes that choice.
Liberals want all Constitutional Rights enforced, except the right to bear arms.
Liberals support abortion, but reject the notion of killing terrorists.
Liberals claim George W. Bush is an incompetent boob, yet claim he masterminded 9/11.
Liberals believe in evolution, but shun survival of the fittest.
by Some other guy September 07, 2005
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