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The views expoused by members of the left-wing modern liberal and progressive movements which, though nominally centered around the ideals of "tolerance" and "egalitarianism", are betrayed by an air of moral and intellectual self-righteousness, extreme intolerance of opposing viewpoints, and virulent prejudices against conservatives, blue collar workers, Christians, and suburban/rural America.

Liberal bigotry may also include the modern white middle class progessive's instinctive reaction to always publicly stand up for "disenfranchised minorities" i.e. poor blacks, gays, Muslims, Native Americans, etc., which usually only serves as an opportunity for white liberals to virtue signal about their liberalism to other white liberals, whilst treating minorities as essentially children who are incapable of defending themselves ("The soft bigotry of low expectations.") This reveals a belief that they are superior to all other groups of people, on whom they take pity and view themselves as their "saviors."
"A common form of liberal bigotry is when liberals and progressives say that any and all criticism of Islam is completely unacceptable and will threaten boycotts, protests, and career ruin for anyone who does, yet they will freely criticize and ridicule Christians with glee."
by Jfume June 12, 2018
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