What idiots who don't know the grammar of english say when making a request.
Literally means "Perhaps procurement of that object could climax my petty satisfaction, right ho!"
Furthurmore, this is not a question, it is a demand, and shows poor manners both socially and morally.
95%er: "Let me get french frizzies."

Me: "Do you even know what words come out of your mouth?"

95%er: "...(dumbfounded)..."

Me: "Nevermind."

95%er: "...(dumbfounded, drooling)..."
by DrMullet February 17, 2004
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When you really want something or someone.
"hey babygirl, let me get at it, you're so fine."
"eyy, you go that history homework?? Let me get at it!"
by LMLYM7 July 06, 2008
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an annoying little fuck, i.e. waste of human debris,
scott stop being a let me get on
by sdhgidfsb November 28, 2007
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The phrase and action of when someone says something stupid or idiotic. You smack them in the back of the neck.
Bri: “what’s an apocalypse”
Keaton: “come here let me get that neck” *smacks the back of the neck*
by Getthatneckboy September 04, 2019
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A phrase uttered by a post adolescent male when he feels he is being violated and it's his turn to get anything he feels he is entitled to.
Dude 1: You see all those shawtys over there?

Dude 2: This TCrock dude won't leave me alone.

Dude 1: They are comin our way, tell that fag to screw off.

Dude 2: Let me get one!
by SuperLloyd November 06, 2014
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