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Used to describe so called lesbians that enjoy sucking and getting fucked with dildos, prosthetic cocks or strap-ons until climax.

Used to describe a lesbian that craves real cock after realizing how good a dildo or strap-on feels/felt up her twat, dunghole, mouth and tits.

These so called lesbian cock suckers also decide to turn "bi or straight" because now they crave, want and need real cock.

Anne Heche was a lissy for dating Ellen Degeneres but is now the example/meaning of a lesbian cock sucker. Anne realized that she's cuckoo for real cock instead of Ellen's hairy strap-on with balls.
1. Lesbian cock suckers are funny!, despite having no attraction for male genitalia, they enjoy strap-on's up their mouth, ass, pussy and between their tits.

2. Lesbian cock suckers also enjoy fingers up their cunt and arse.

3. Lesbo #1: Hey, that lesbian cock sucker is giving us real lesbians a bad name.

Lesbo # 2: Totally, real lesbians enjoy pussy and tits not a strap-on, dildo or prosthetic.

Lesbo #1: I'd rather respect, date or befriend a lesbian whore hound instead of a yucky lesbian cock sucker.

Lesbo #2: Yeah, lesbian cock suckers are yucky and usually dump you for real cock but at least a lesbian whore hound is true to pussy & tits.
by Not a lesbian cock sucker October 28, 2006
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