When you want a hoe to smash.
Ron: Becky, lemme smash.
Becky: No.

another example:
Ron: Becky used to lemme smash but Becky is smashin Ben. Ben is a hoe.
by Camlel February 9, 2017
let me have sex with you.
person: lemme smash!
other person: no
by llamalord October 17, 2014
A phrase used by someone who is expressing their enthusiasm for mashed potatoes.
"Look at my potatoes, cool right?"

"Lemme smash?"
by ^the best definition June 30, 2017
Wanting to have a sexual affair with someone. properly known as "let me smash"
by Malorie August 24, 2017
Ron: Becky lemme smash

Becky: no Ron

Ron: Wut... Swiggity Swooty?
Becky: ur tail is small
by Succc September 14, 2017
a solid meme about 1 bird trying to sex up another bird, can also be used if you wish to have sexual relations with a basic bitchy white female
*you see an attractive white female and go up to her*
"A yo 🅱️ecky lemme smash"
by ScrubMyDaughtersDick July 30, 2017