a particularly shitty male haircut in which the sides cover the ears and the hair appears to be "snap on".
Cha Chi hadn't had a haircut in weeks. When he showed up it looked like he had lego hair.
by daniel hanner December 29, 2006
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hair that is so constricted by hair spray that wind and any other movement does not effect the shape; can be easily removed and swapped with ather lego hair toting females who tend to be either scene or emo.
Whenever chelsea plays soccer her hair doesn't move, yeah it's that lego hair.

Look at that ugly scene girl with the lego hair, i just wanna pop it off and put it on that girls head.
by elly && timothy December 17, 2008
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When a person has hair that looks like a Lego hair-do. Example, when you go to the bathroom before bed, brush your teeth, snap off your Lego hair and set it on the counter for in the morning. The hair snaps off in the same manner that you would snap a Lego mans hair off. Lego Hairs are interchangeable and come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Lego hairs may be collected and stored to have many different Lego hairs on hand. Lego hairs can be washed under warm soap and water and they never lose their shape or color.
Wow, look at Rob's Lego hair, it looks perfect! and Wow, look at Rob's Lego hair, it makes his head look tall!
by Geodash June 13, 2014
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gay juuler, freak in sheets, sexy hot. would succ penis if he had one. NEVER has pods and says "im itchin bro pls mango pods?????????"
me, an intellectual: have you seen white fortnite gay guy?
moaning to myself: yuh looks like Lego HAIR
by zoo pal luver September 23, 2018
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