Something that is cool and down for
"That car is Legit! it has nice rims and cool interior"
by Callie March 21, 2003
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To be true, correct, or genuine. Legitimate.
Tom: "Yo dude, did you see the ass on that girl?"
Jerry: "Yeah bro, that ass was so legit."
by BrianNJ January 18, 2008
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a word that makes kids sound smart and know what they are talking about
by irish porn star August 30, 2011
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Means 'for real' or in standard terms, 'fo realz.'
Can also be used as a synonym for: amazing, sexy, priceless, hot shit, the best of the best, can't be compared to, etc.
3. The legit unicorns are the best people in the the world and sooper dooper pooper ah-mazing.
Guy 1:Woah, dude! Look over there!

Guy 2:What's so amazing?
Guy 1:Its the fucking legit unicorns!
Guy 2:You mean numbers 1,2,3,4 and sometimes 5?!?!!?
Guy 1:DUH! lets take pictures!!!!!!!!!
by legitunicorn3 September 15, 2010
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An acronym that stands for:
L ong

E rection
G etting
I n

T here
When i was getting down on my girlfriend, i had trouble with my LEGIT.
by McStooser March 05, 2010
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A word that a lot of douchey minors use because they think they're hot shit. It means "for real" or "Straight up". It is a very annoying word, especially when used by a white person.
Jane: "Dude, that party last night was legit."
Becky: *smack SMACK!*
Jane: "What the hell?!"
Becky: "Stop acting like you're black, bitch."
by Kowabungja October 24, 2010
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