Meaning cool,amazing,tight,awesome.. or anyother work you might use when somthing it outstanding
Man... That is so legit!
by SsJ0GoHaN September 06, 2004
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Can be used as a question in asking whether that statement was "for real" or "accurate"
Friend: YO Lady Gaga has a penis!
Friend: haha just kidding!
by ridhard November 30, 2010
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A highly over-used word meaning "real" or "cool."
Him: "I swear, he was like, legit!"
Me: "Dude! Stop saying that!"
by monkeybuster May 30, 2006
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A shortened version of legitimate. Commonly used by wrestling fans who are "in the know" aka smarks. Made popular by Rob Feinstein, and copied by many. Its usage is considered 'dumb' by intelligent types.
Thats a legit shoot. I was legit marking out for that.
by neil June 27, 2004
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cool, tight, awesome, real.

often used by jason wahler on the hills.
especially when he is describing his car and being really well legit.
dood, this car is legit
by laxrgirl January 16, 2007
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The best friend the words like "Sketchy" and "bro" will ever have. Used mainly by pot-heads, surfers, and people in high school.
Dude: That's so sketchy!
Bro: Nahh its so legit bro!
by Skrodomface December 14, 2010
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To make a quick escape from an area, place, or spot before it all goes to shit
"Leg it fellas, the cops are here"
"This place is gonna blow, leg it"
by haydos22222 July 21, 2014
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