Character 1: Yo! You checked out Malik's new ride?
Character 2: Shiiit... Cadillac. That bro's legit.

How do you think Malik obtained his new ride?
by mxj December 07, 2006
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Tarah ashlee is hella fucking legit.
shes not fake
shes real
by tarah ashlee August 02, 2007
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A real, non-fake Twinkie wearing a cowboy hat riding a motorcycle.
by hgielyah September 08, 2010
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Awesome, purely awesome. No one is as nearly awesome as that person except for Chuck Norris because Chuck is more than Legit
Someone who is almost as awesome as Chuck Norris is Legit.
by Chuck Norris's best friend February 21, 2010
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From the south side meaning it will counteract a game in black market.

When you know that no one is going to catch you at that instant with the drug you just bought from the black market and that yes, it's the "real" thing.
It's a drug.
Goodworhty illegal substance contradicting the law.
Johnny dill sead : "You have the reafer? I got your naeno, ha iz legit."

Shanaynay : "lez smoke tha weed before me go zane man."
by extravagantvintriliquistsboob December 10, 2009
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