a) real, not fake.
b) tight, cool, awesome.
a) dude. i met alana today and she hella legit. everyone likes her better and sal.

b) my painting is heckka legit, mayne!
by alanalikesyoukay? October 08, 2011
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a word commonly used in deb8 activites to express supreem coolness and aceptabilty to those who belive that they are infinatly smarter than everyone else
Miles: Hey Tripp did u steal ur cases from tara?
Tripp: Hell yea
Timmay: thats legit
by gpoe May 26, 2005
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Justin: "Did you have fun with that girl from Paris?"
Jimmy: "No, i couldn't find her legit."
by Mr. Hazah Bazah May 19, 2010
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A new replacement for the words: Cool, Interesting, Fascinating, Awesome, ect.

Primarily used by those who have the vocabulary of a 5th grader.

The word can also be put in a sentence as a filler with no apparent meaning. (b)
Jake: "Have you seen the new Froyo place?"
Tom: "Yeah! It's totally legit."
Jake: *Long sigh*

(b) Jordan: "Have you seen Date Movie? That movie was awful."
Alex: "Yeah. Total legit-fail."
Jordan: " ...What?"

Teacher: "So as you can see, the derivative of e to the "x" is just e to the "x"
Student: "That's legit."
Teacher: "..sure"
by Math Bandit May 08, 2011
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1. A hookup with an attractive member of the opposite sex. eg: A hookup that you can be proud of.
2. Used to describe a member of the opposite sex that could potentially be a great hookup.
"I hooked up with Sarah last night dude!"
"Oh nice she's legit."

"Yo man that lagoon creature you were with last night definately wasn't legit."
by wrl9841 June 01, 2006
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Seriously. As opposed to not seriously. So your listener knows that you're not lying.

Use multiple times in one sentence to establish your credibility.
Canada computer: We have the best deals anywhere, legit!

Dealer: You should buy insurance, I legit have blackjack.

Kap: Yo K Dot, put on some of that rap music you were talkin abou'.
K Dot: I legit, just legitimately shut off my legit laptop. Legit.
by Kapitol October 13, 2009
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1) if used to describe yourself, your anything but

2) used by bums to help them feel better about themselves
-Yo man, I'm so legit, I can handle a pound of white in one sitting! Unfortunately, I'll be living with my parents until Iโ€™m 40. Thats ok tho, because I'm MAD LEGIT!
by whatupfolks July 10, 2008
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