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Legit is an action, nay, a state of being, brought on by being enlightened by the light of legitism.
all hail.
"Hey dave, did you hear about Kevin"?
"Yeah, i hear he three-flips like a madman".
"Yeah, hes pretty legit".
"All hail".
by legitism June 17, 2009
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an adjective used to describe how awesome or kick ass something is!
it is meant to be used by girls of all ages and sounds terribly gay when a guy uses it.
"oh jade you too legit to quit"
"the shirt is legit bitch!"
"gerald isnt as legit as wes, but wes is forsure not as legit as jade!"
"LEGIT is jade's word, not wes'..."
by bipolar bitch vega July 01, 2009
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a word commonly used in deb8 activites to express supreem coolness and aceptabilty to those who belive that they are infinatly smarter than everyone else
Miles: Hey Tripp did u steal ur cases from tara?
Tripp: Hell yea
Timmay: thats legit
by gpoe May 26, 2005
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Justin: "Did you have fun with that girl from Paris?"
Jimmy: "No, i couldn't find her legit."
by Mr. Hazah Bazah May 19, 2010
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