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Douchebags that strive for the "Carmine Gotti" look. Strictly male, they wish they were part of the Italian mob-scene, although most of the time they aren't even Italian. They make up for this by wearing fake designer clothing, and sporting tanning-booth or sunless tans. They follow the same criteria, so they're easy to spot, though sometimes they can be mistaken for girls.

1)They all have spiked hair, usually bleached. Hats are not uncommon.
2)They generally wear the same kinds of clothes... long-sleeved dress shirts or polos with a popped collar. Fake bling or designer knock-off accessories are often used.
3)They show no expression in any photographs.
4)They often wear makeup.
5)They are usually engaged in some sort of homoerotic pose or activity.
That lee hotti over there is licking that other guy's face... I need to gouge my eyes out. is full of douchebags.
by zomgpalmface March 28, 2007
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