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a lebedwetter is a type of species where jews wet there bed& they are very rich in matzas. also they think everyones a whore, just because they cant get any friends. also the only words they can think of for a comeback are "fuck" "of" "you" and "whore". everybody just wishes that lebedwetters would get run over by a bus filled with nazi's and hilter is the driver. just for a specific type of lebedwetter, alex lebedwetter is the best known. also alex lebedwetter is dating ken (the barbie) and is bisexual with connall, arthur, and emily (its okay, emily is cool). emily doesnt like alex, but alex likes her. emily is awesome, i love emily (as a friend). so there is a girl on his team named natalie, and he has fantasies about her. hahahhahhhhhhhha
special thanks to: c.s.,n.d.,c.c.,c.c.
fuck off whore (:
girl: hey whats up??
alex lebedwetter: FUCK OFF YOU WHORE
girl: okay?
alex lebedwetter: FUCK OFF YOU WHORE
by swimchick49302 June 10, 2009
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