Going down on an older woman who is ridiculously hairy.
Similar to tasting the fuzzy purse or the bearded beaver.
John: Where were you last night I tried to call you?
Paul: I went down on Rebecca Anderson's mom but it just felt like munching the leather gorilla.
John: Oh yeah I hear it's like a a bearded beaver.
Paul: Nah, bearded beaver is tasty, at least it wasn't a fuzzy purse.
John: Oh man, at least it wasn't a fuzzy pudding purse.
Paul: Yeah, but it stank of asparagus.
John: That tastes chief.
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012
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A toughened skin on the penis made so with repeated use of abrasives.
Ya'll don't toughen up your dick leather.
by McDollar August 20, 2021
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These were leather mitts with one finger(index) used by chainsaw operators,bush workers,hunters,trappers and many outsdoormen/women
I first heard the term home in Northern Ontario while working in a clothing store.

(See Snot Liners)
The wearer did not have to take his mitt off to wipe his runny nose-he had more control-hence came the name-Snot Leathers!
by KING ARTY February 22, 2012
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sober AF. Have you ever seen a drunken leather couch? Didn't think so.
"We can make our own Tuesday parties! Shots for every NBCOT question you get right."
"I'd be sober as a leather couch, lets use cookies as incentives."
by jazzyj19 December 18, 2018
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To become very excited, partially sexually, as in

"Robin Hood became so excited he tore his leather jerkin off" (from the fortune cookies (offensive) database maintained at ubuntu.com)
At the arrival of the choirboys the Cardinal tore leather
by GuttandTag March 13, 2019
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cum soaked leather made up of penis hairs
hey I like silky leather

thanks yours is nice to
by p in it March 17, 2021
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When an individual is sitting on a leather couch and farts so hard that the air ejecting from the butthole makes a noise that sounds as if the fart is physically "slappin" the leather.
Man, I drank so much beer last night I've been slappin leather all morning.
by hightop071086 January 31, 2011
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