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Slang term for a US Marine. Derived from early days of the Corps when the upright collar of the uniform was made of leather to ward off sword strikes.
"The Flying Leathernecks" A John Wayne movie depicting Marine aviators in WWII.
by dave wojta October 28, 2003
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United States Marine, A Jarhead, Devildog, hard charger, the baddest dude on the planet.

1) Leatherneck Nation MC
shipwreck47" I wish I was a leatherneck, dam those guys are amazing"

girl" yeah but you are too scared to be in a real branch of service so now you are just a Navy mop handler, now swab the deck and shut up while I go off with thes leathernecks"
by Brooklyn26 September 27, 2010
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A term for the United States Marine Corps. In Vietnam and Koria Marines wore leather collers to protect their necks from a sword or knife.
"Your now a true leather neck recruit!"
"Thank you sir!"
by Colton F. March 24, 2008
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This happens when kids are hit with bats in their necks for weeks. When the doctors put their knives in the brains they don't fix it. Blood goes inside them.
My sister was having a baby until it was born. When it was born she hit it with a bat. This made it a leather neck.
by MASA_sir September 07, 2009
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A person under the command of the Department of the Navy who is so dumb and easily brainwashed that they are actually proud to only serve 2 real purposes:

A) Be the first sent into a country to deplete the enemy's supply of ammunition.

B) Poke mines with a stick.
Check out the leatherneck over there! I've never seen someone so proud to be a glorified bullet sponge!
by Shipwreck47 January 21, 2010
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Some perv who chocks his chicken so much it's got callouses on it.
That fuckin Perv I he beats off so much he must make 10 trips to the Porta Potty daily his dick must look like a leatherneck on a turkey.

No wonder he has to go to church and rat on himself to the priest and ask the priest to ask God for forgiveness.
by LatNerd April 20, 2011
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