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easily one of the biggest groups of fans in any sport.

a lot of people hate them, rightfully because a majority of them are really annoying, obnoxious and dumb.

they brag about how their team is the "best" even though they haven't done anything in 45 years (the last time they won a cup was 1967, the year before the expansion). somehow though, you still can't convince leafs fans that the leafs are not the best anymore.

there are some leafs fans that aren't a pain to deal with, but that's a minority of them.

I could go on but I don't wanna bore people.
leafs fan: the insert any other team here suck

fan of any other team: when was the last time the leafs did anything?

leafs fan: the leafs are the best, you can't bash them
by metal head123 October 26, 2011
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Easily the most populous fans in the whole NHL and are probably what keeps the NHL alive due to their obsession for hockey.

Leafs fans are also the most controversial hockey fans being hated by many other fans due to their perceived arrogance, bigotry and ability to fill opposing team's arenas despite being halfway across the globe.

Despite all their efforts however, the Toronto Maple Leafs have still not won a cup since the expansion of 1967. Truly tragic.
Coyotes Fan: Dude, you know why our teams are still in business?
Predators Fan: Why is that dude?
Coyotes Fan: Because half of our tickets are bought by Leafs fans just so they can blow over a grand to come here and see their team lose.
by joventino October 07, 2007
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