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Lazy Little Bitch Syndrome, also known as LLBS, affects millions of whiny, inconsiderate and incompetent people every day.

LLBS is characterized as the complete inability to function due to laziness, accompanied by whining. Whining encompasses such subjects as:

-failing university classes, due to lack of trying
-inability to get/keep a significant other, due to lack of trying
-inability to obtain/keep a job, due to lack of trying
-inability to pay bills, due to the aforementioned job woes and/or lack of trying
-inability to think clearly, due to lack of trying
-inability to do jack shit, due to lack of trying

LLBS is commonly seen in both male and female patients aged 13-83; more commonly in adolescents and young adults.
"I can't seem to do anything but nom on these crisps and cry about not losing weight." "Sounds like you have lazy little bitch syndrome."

"I can't get a girlfriend, because I never go outside and cry about it on IRC all the time!" "Sounds like the LLBS has got you down."
by whiskeyish February 21, 2010
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