When a girl is attractive or hot, meaning you would have sex with her. Comes from the legal term "good law" usually when a case law has not been overruled by a higher or same level court and is still binding precedent.
A: Would you hit that? (referring to a girl)
B: Yea, she's good law!
by goodlaw October 17, 2011
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States that if an argument arises when discussing a certain actor's best movie, if said actor appeared in the movie "Good Will Hunting," the argument is over and "Good Will Hunting" is the best movie that actor appeared in
Idiot - Ben Affleck's best movie is Argo.

Intelligent Person - Ha! Nope, it's Good Will Hunting! The law of "Good Will Hunting" states I'm correct!
by Booz August 11, 2014
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Best exemplified by Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, until they screwed him out of his pension!
Random Citizen: Roscoe was a good law man. That was, until they voted to not award him his pension.
by EagleAS October 28, 2018
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