let’s go break a law”

by ifuckedmyexbsfsboyfriend<3 February 12, 2022
it is against the law to work out in Pajamas
yo bill it’s against the law to work out in pjs
by The kid named squid February 8, 2021
Awesome mod in lando discord server. Cute boy, is also a really good skuller. Friends with comet and Ricky
Guy 1: Hey I’m not getting any skulls, can you call Law ?
Guy 2: Sure I’ll call Law ? To skull you up.
by gg/lando July 28, 2022
If its not communism its okay
put a law on that sheet
by SwagDolphinFTW November 8, 2017
Really, all laws are made up, since they are a creation of humans.
When people tell you they can't make this stuff up in reference to laws being passed, they're full of shit, laws are made up and written all the time.
by Solid Mantis July 19, 2020
The thing that holds people back from thier dreams and is rules for nerds
Police: by the name of the law let the hostages go!
Smart person: you can’t make me blah
by Carl the thinker January 7, 2023
i broke the law yesterday but it’s no biggie
by thottie911 May 21, 2020