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Mans who try to do law but is a piece stupid. They like dirty yats who never say to no to being wooked. They try to act ruff by talking about tort and contract. But bare amounts of them are fassi's. Only a few are weighty ghetto mans!!!! The most cleverest law mans bruk the law up hard!!

Some law mans try it and pretend to be rude bwais trying to bust avirex and classics. But those mans don even know simplest contract teries. Some fassis even fail piss easy tings like gpl with foreseen set texts - chumps!!!
That law man knows bare criminal law!! he's gwan bust at cop shop later and get me bail!!!
by law society at Reading Uni December 04, 2003
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a self obsessed wank who often thinks he is god or a more powerful human being
i am d law a wank dj who cant mix a drink let alone 2 tunes
by j.cairns March 03, 2004
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thinks hes gods gift to women, when he most probably isnt!! aspiring d.j, but even he likes a bit of s club 7!!
thinks hes the worlds greatest sales person but his no sales and inappropriates well overshadow his ACTUAL sales.... ha ha dave TISSSSSSUEEEE!!
by Leanne March 11, 2004
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