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A one week camp where high school students learn about law and participate in a mock trial on the last day. There are many lectures, but the people are amazing. Also, love starts here, but it ends abruptly when the camp ends.
Billy: I met this awesome girl at law camp where I also learned about the difficulties of being an attorney.

Joe Jack: That's awesome! I think I want to practice law! You don't plan on ever talking to that girl again do you?

Billy: Of course not!
by Attorney Dos Pac June 16, 2010
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Named after Harold Camping, deceased evangelist and radio host. Camping's Law refers to the act of predicting an event and then pushing back the date perpetually until the event actually happens, proving you right.
The world didn't end in 2011, as predicted, so the date was pushed back to 2012. Camping's Law in effect.
by Jomali January 12, 2015
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