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a depressed 13 year old girl who says she's not basic when everyone really knows she is. she wears chokers on a daily basis. loves the dog filter on snapchat. is so desperate she'll suck anyones dick for money. wears pink Victoria's secret clothes. cries because she just wants to be popular and have everyone like her. wears white Adidas shoes. (you know the ones) owns a pair of white converse. has Adidas leggings and an Adidas jacket. owns uggs. has tons of north face jackets. always wears a jacket or a long sleeved shirt because she's cold even though shes in 100 degree weather because she lives in florida. oh and she wants to become a cocaine addict when she's older, smoke weed, and join a gang. that's a laura. she'll probably even sell weed. not that it matters anyways she has tons of money from her sugar daddy.
"wow she's such a laura lmao"

"omfg it's like 90 degrees outside why is she wearing a jacket lol"

"i bet she wears chokers because she likes to be choked"

"wow I wish I had a sugar daddy like laura"
laura the hoe everyone.
by zvahl August 21, 2017
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