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Legs that are especially latino, more latino than the average leg. they are by far, better than a normal leg, and if stranded on a desert island with a latino, it is best to eat their leg, because it is very meaty from all of the latino style dancing that they do.
Person 1: Man! i cant fit into my jeans because of my latino legs!

Person 2: Damn grrl, look at dem curvz!
by orange palace juice June 25, 2007
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A women's legs that have been shaved, but look as if they haven't been shaved and appear to have stubble. A reference to latino women because this is apparently common for them.
Patrick: *feels Hannah's leg* Your legs feel amazingly smooth!

Hannah: I know! But they're latino legs tonight... Sadface :
by PatrickkkkxD October 16, 2009
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