When she wants to fuck but she keep you on the back burner.
Guy-Baby am ready to go deep
Girl-Later and Stuff after I finished eating
by Johnson85205 September 12, 2016
The greatest activist that ever lived. Also the most well known Youtuber of all time.
Not Now Maybe Later- you will never find anyone like him
by FUCK D S S June 15, 2021
probably later. maybe tomorrow, but definitely later.
'hey beans! do you want to go look for owls?'
'not right now, maybe to-later.'
by edeninoctober April 10, 2021
What you smilingly tell someone in a penitent tone before you reveal a (usually fairly minor) piece of unwelcome news, such as that you and he will have to disassemble an entire portion of a device that you're working on because you belatedly noticed/realized that part of it needs to be repaired or altered.
Achmed the Dead Terrorist (assisting Jeff Dunham in assembling a set of metal shelves): What are you doing? I keel you! Why are you taking apart the entire bottom section like that after we labored so long putting in all those screws?!??
Jeff Dunham: Sorry, Achmed --- I realized that we put the wrong shelf in the bottom position; the unit will be sturdier if we use the correct shelf down here. Just bear with me for now, please --- you can "keel" me later, after we're done.
by QuacksO October 16, 2020
Lateral bloom is when two countries with complementary resources form a strategic, mutually-beneficial partnership, resulting in prosperity and a flourishing of both of their economies, education, and people.
The relocation of an up-and-coming IT firm from Bangalore to Armenia created lateral bloom for both economies.
by GlobalistaFC December 1, 2016
The act of swapping an item for another of the same item for a secondary benefit related to that of the original items.
I innitiated lateral trading for an apple with more seeds than that of the apple I gave in return.
by Sir Pent March 18, 2018
Something that tackles retail therapy. Allowing you to make purchases and pay for it when you’re okay again.
“This day sucked so I’m just gonna buy now, pay later with Klarna. Life is not perfect but my outfit can be.”
by VON_Schlippenbach June 9, 2020