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la-sic (noun)

1. Refractive surgury that can either improve your vision or ruin it even more.

2. Laser surgery performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism by cutting a flap in the cornea and removing tissue underneath

3. All the rave nowdays for people seeking to rid themselves of glasses and "cure" their poor vision. Their friends are doing it, so why not them?

It was a fairly recent addition to reduce/correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Often the subject of much controversy. Some people are all for lasik, others say its the spawn of the devil. There is so much one can learn about lasik that entire books have been written on it. Lasik isnt for everyone, especially not very low or very high pescriptions. Those with thin corneas, dry eyes or huge pupils may want to stick with glasses. If you are thinking or considering lasik, do extensive research first!
Jack got lasik for his -4 myopia and one eye came out a perfect 20/20, the other 20/25. His vision at night wasnt quite as sharp but hes happy with his day vision and improvement overall.

Mark's lasik did not go well. He barely ended up 20/40 and can no longer correct to 20/20. His eyes are ruined and he will never see quite right again. Hes legally blind at night, due in part to his huge pupils. Mark rolled the dice on lasik and lost.
by Gil F. April 25, 2006
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