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A lane whore is a turdball who always zips into whichever lane gives them a little more space than the one they were originally in. Just like how a cock whore and a cock monster loves cock, a lane whore will do whatever it takes on the road for just 2 ft more of lane. You encounter these jerkoffs on the road, but, more frequently, on the freeway, where they are notoriously known for tailgating. Lane whores lack patience while driving, and in some cases, even a brain at all. A good way to deal with a lane whore is as follows:
-You are driving, and you notice an asswipe tailgating you (the lane whore)-

-Eventually, the bitch lane whore will pull into another lane that gives them more room (How fast the person does this also coincides with how small their brains and or gentitals are)-

-Whichever lane the LW pulled into will have another car which the LW will tailgate and begin switching lanes again-

-Provided that you dont have a car in your way, (or else you have to be a lane whore yourself just that once) when the LW is catching up to the car in the other lane, accelerate your car until you stop just short of the bumper of the car the LW would be tailgating in it's lane-

-If done well, you will have trapped the lane whore in a slow lane tailgating a car which isnt you and stuck there as long as you stay bumper to bumper with the tailgated car in the LW's lane!-
by Ranger Elite July 13, 2006
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