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As noun or adjective: That which is utterly and completely ineffectual, asinine, or impotent; orders of magnitude above lame. Can be further amplified by specifying an elected office in the city (e.g. mayor).
"This party is so lame city," he grumbled as he danced to "I Will Survive" for the fifth time that night.
by Petasus June 08, 2006
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an adj. describing something so lame that it should be banished to its own city.
All those emo kid wannabes are so lamecity. Half the time they've have never even listened to the band who's shirt they're wearing.
by syd viscious September 04, 2005
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The pinnacle of Lameness. Lame to a very large extent. Or the center of all Lame activity.
Jhey has really been Laming it up, it's Lame City around here.

by Steedly Dan May 12, 2010
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