An italian car that 95% of black people can't pronounce let alone purchase unless they are rapping or playing a professional sport
Yo man if i hit the lotto im copping me a Lamborghini murcielago!
by prince brandonn August 11, 2008
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The lamborghini murcielago LP640 is a version of the murcielago with 640hp, a acceleration 0/100 in 3.4 seconds an a top speed of 340 KP/H. The bodykit is modified and he had 20 inches rims in aluminium composite. This car cost 449 000$
Dumb man: Hey check this modified murcielago

Rich man: You're really dumb! This is the brand new lamborghini murcielago LP640
by iknowanythingofthecars May 29, 2007
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