tripping on extacy

something bout those little pills unreal the thrills they yield until they kill a million braincells
i'm going down to la la land

i hope to see you soon in la la land
by generationdub June 16, 2008
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Lala Land is the far, far away country in which all the happy winblows users are.
-Look, he's from lala land, don't touch him.
by Phinn Fort July 20, 2006
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"We haven't figured out yet what application is going to bridge the gap between the capabilities of the sotware tools that we already have. For now, let's just assume that it's possible in LaLaLand."
by ChinaChuck May 08, 2015
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the shitiest shit possible( originates from the movie it self, its so bad that it makes me want to kill myself)
That sandwich is lala land
by Guy1325 January 29, 2018
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that place where you drift off to when someone is talking about a subject that bores, also can be known as spacing out, zoning, and just not paying attentiong
teacher: eh hem! I'm talking to you!

me: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... sorry, I was in... la la land
by saxaphoner September 20, 2009
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to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol where as it is uncontrolable
drinking too much or doing drugs too much
by ANDRE December 09, 2003
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