holy ritual of a legendary song lalala by bbno$ and Y2K
guy: hey dude do you wanna go ea-

guy 2: stream lalala

guy: do you want me to stream on youtube or somet-

guy 2: stream lalala
by puzzzzzled June 19, 2019
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BiBi <3 Antz
est'd 10.20.04

pinky promise ; for always
I lalala lovveee you, infinity x forever! *chu*

by bibii bunnii December 25, 2007
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Lalala june7th Lalala june7th Lalala june7th Lalala june7th Lalala june7th Lalala june7thLalala june7th
Richard: Hey you want to go to lalala june 7th?
Edward: lalala june7th
by Minecraft dirtblock jpeg June 1, 2019
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the words sung in The Offspring smash hit song "Self Asteem"
"la la lalala la la lalala"
by Baxieboy April 8, 2005
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PZUZLED Ajsks stReam lalala june 7th lalala by bbno$ bro strem thatr LETAA GO NUMAER 1
Puzzled: stream lalala june 7th
ch: stream lalala stream lalala stream lalala
by Charvq June 18, 2019
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When someone makes out as if they are saying lalala.

"Dude, she was a total lalala kisser, it was horrible."
by Ohsodevon September 1, 2008
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The start of the new beginning and end of lalala owned by the god pou.
by Avadapikachu February 15, 2023
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