1) a phrase used at the end of a sentence for no apparent reason other than to display boredom, use emphasis on a point or to annoy someone.

2) it can also be used as an 'in' joke to re-itterate that you, yourself are in on the joke.
eg.1)That trollop has bingo wings la la la

eg.2)Tim C is a rock spider la la la
by DJ May 24, 2005
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lyrics from the popular but hugely annoying song by kylie called 'cant get u out of my head'
'i just cant get u out of my head, boy your loving is all i think about, i just cant get u out of my head, boy its more than i dare to think about,
lalala, lalalalala, lalala, lalalalala'
by jeff1 August 24, 2005
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something i say when i'm hyper, bored, or when there has been a long pause
person: hi
me: hi hi hi hi hi
person: are you hyper?
me:yeah yeah yeaH YEAH
me: la la la...
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The act of flicking your Tongue over and back on a girls nipples
Kristines boobs need a good lalalala
by Doije December 07, 2019
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