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Often the daughter of a Lakeway Mom, a girl attending Lake Travis High School.

Lakeway girls are often found driving around in a nicer car than any teacher's at Lake Travis high school, with reusable Starbucks cups, with their drink often so sugary that a mere mortal wouldn't be able to identify such as coffee. Can be seen at the Hill Country Galleria, gossiping while wearing expensive clothing, all while buying more with daddy's credit card. Also usually call $40 water "foundation", tend to "need" AT LEAST 200 varieties of makeup, hair, and skin care products.
Slightly more normal person 1: Did you see Brooklyn announcing her bisexuality while purchasing all the makeup products in ulta today with her five pints of pink drink from Starbucks?
Slightly more normal person 2: Yeah, she's a complete Lakeway girl.
by inASocietyOfRichKids August 06, 2018
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