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A high school in seminole county that has a bunch of white rich kids and a bunch of black poor kids. The football team is bad, and the cheerleaders are very egotistical and bitchy like most are. The band is full of a bunch of untalented rejects that can't do any sports or any other clubs because they are such losers. The principal is a pretty cool guy, besides being a fake politician that everyone can see through. The teachers are really good, but there are always crazy ones. The students are usually pretty respectful, unless they are poor and come from a miserable household. The biggest slut's first name is Terra, and the most stupid, fake girl is Kira. The coolest guy is Ivan. The end.
"Hey, you know that girl at lake mary high school that has sex with any black guy that walks her direction?"---- "Yeah, Terra of course. Doesn't her friend, Kira, have some kind of excess plaque problem in her mouth and a ringworm on her but?" "You bet!
by Glass of wine May 20, 2011
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