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a fire, usually of the genus 'bon', that, upon ignition, grows in magnitude by itself. The laissez fire requires little-to-no planning or control, as the "builder" simply places kindling in a pit, flicks an ignition device, and lets it grow at the behest of the wind and other natural causes. While risky, the laissez fire is a thoroughly enjoyable source of heat, as it burns steadily with minimal effort on the builder's part. laissez fires are usually left to themselves to burn out, unless the surrounding area is dry/flammable, in which case a light snuffing on the part of the overseer(s) is necessary. It is in no way a metaphor for the ailing economy...
Johnny Carefree: 'dude I just lit the thing and it started burning; its a pretty sweet fire now.'

Trevor Wit: 'you might call that a laissez fire.'

Dill Prudence: 'you guys oughta be careful, these fires can get outta control fast. I'll get some water from the river just in case."

by Funk_Hughes April 25, 2009
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