A formal title for a woman of high social status. Also used as an affectionate term by a man/woman for his/her girlfriend or wife.

Still, the English language prefers to use the borrowed French "Madame" rather than the native English "My Lady" in address.
Don Quixote: "My lady!"
Aldonza: "I'm not your lady! I'm not any kind of a lady!"
by Lorelili March 18, 2006
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The best word for a male to take a normal, innocent sounding sentence, and add an awkward, perverted, creepy twist, in reference to speaking with a female. It is always used at the end of a sentence, and usually follows a comma. For extra effect, can be complimented with lowering of the voice, and raising of the eyebrows. Is used by guys that desperately can't get any action globally. It's use is significantly higher when the man has been consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

In extreme cases, subjects have been known to use a weirder and creepier version of the word ladies, which appears to be some sort of obscure reference to the middle ages, by saying m'ladies.
Having fun tonite so far, ladies?
You girls should come tonite ... ladies.
Let me know if you need any help at all, ladies...
You should come over tonite for supper, m'ladies...
*When Drunk* Hey ladies, wanna have a no pants dance at my house ladies?
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
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A woman of which a besotted male will hold in reverence.
by Ham March 24, 2004
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A formal title or an affectionate term for a woman. Synonym for wife. As in Madame, or Signora, or Mistress.
"And now my burden, it gives me pain...
For my Lord Franklin, I'd sail the main...
Ten-thousand pounds I would freely give
To know Lord Franklin and where he is..."
-Lady Jane Franklin, her lament for her husband, Sir John Franklin, who disappeared on an expedition.

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? ...It is my lady, O it is my love!" -Romeo, Romeo and Juliette.
by Lorelili March 06, 2005
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An increasingly rare sub-species of human being. Sadly, most were killed off over the past few decades due to the introduction of a number of competitive species (bitches, hoes, etc.). Numbers have also been greatly reduced by race contamination, sexually transmitted diseases, and suicide due to mistreatment.
Proper ladies are expected to die out by 2065. What a sad ending to a noble story.

I want a proper lady in my life, but I only have bitches and lezzies.
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012
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In poker, a pair of queens.
Jose Contreras: I had the ladies, but Ghostface Killah had the American Airlines, so I lost 50 bucks.
Bruce Lee: I wipe my ass with 50 bucks.
by benny b from the bronx February 22, 2005
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A noun used by a male to refer to a group of males when talking to them. Often used by Coaches talking to his players.
Coach: You ladies go run three more laps then hit the shower.
by eatwasabi March 22, 2004
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