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1. The genteel manner in which one refers to the penis of a MTF transexual
2. A tranny clit
Alexis: Fuck me harder. I'm so close.
Horatio: Damn bitch! Your mussy is so tight! Now give a few tugs to your lady stick. I want to feel your mangina do some squeezeplay on my cock when you cum.
by Matthew Lake April 28, 2007
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A term used to define the penis of a transgendered man who is still in pre-op.

Also used when a woman (be she gay or straight) straps on a dildo.
Example one:

Dave: Doesn't Mark know that's a man?

Steve: It's alright. He'll get a big surprise when she pulls out her ladystick.

Example two:

Donna: Wow! I didn't realized Karen strapped it on...

Michelle: What, you mean her ladystick? Well how else is she suppose to level 5 her girlfriend?
by Jadairo July 02, 2008
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