Canada Naional Sport (Not Hockey). Also a Sweet Drinking Card Game. You have 4 players and you deal out a deck of card evenly between the players. 2 players per team sit across from each other. Dealer goes first. The way you score is to put down the same card number as the person who went before you. (Ex. 5 of Hearts....5 of Spades). Once some scores the cards are flipped over and you begin again. Jacks and Eights are called 'Save' cards when you put one down your team cannot be scored on. When your team scores a goal you put up your pointer finger up towards one of the players on the other team and they have to drink until you put your finger down. The winner is the team who has the most goals after all the cards are down. By this time everyone will probably be pretty drunk. If you want to get really wasted you can add in the rule if you score 3 times in a row the other team has to drink an entire beer. HAVE FUN!
WoW! We played Lacrosse Last night and got really fucked up!!!
by B-Hill June 12, 2006
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if you dont know what this sport is you better be an alien dead or in jail for all of your life
if you play lacrosse than that is your life
by scarpi June 17, 2007
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A sport played on a field thats 110 yards long and 60 yards wide, and played by men whos dicks are the same size.

During the spring time, wild badasses all over the world flock to their nearest lacrosse field. If you are allergic to large doses of manliness (or play baseball), it would be good practice to mantain a safe distance from these lacrosse games, as the concentration of badassery has been known to cause seziures.
John (Baseball player): Hey Jake, lets walk over here.
Jake (Baseball player): Naw man, I hear theres a lacrosse game over there.
John: C'mon man, it'll be fine.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous.
John: Fine, I'll just go by myself.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous. That much badass in one place... It can be deadly.
*John keeps walking*
Jake: John, get back here right now!
*John continues to walk*
Jake: John!
*John sees lacrosse game and has a seizure from the concentration of badassery*
*Jake tries to run over and help John, but collapses early. He's not used to physical activity.*
by Lucas823 April 17, 2011
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best sport ever
if ur good u can get into any college u want even if you are partially retarded since no one plays
it should be the national passtime cause it was invented by native ameruicans who were here first....and its not gay
all the people saying it's gay obiviously play baseball or have no athletic ability/ cant run for their lives
the uk lacrosse IS gay...what about the uk isnt?.... but WE DONT LIVE IN THE UK
stupid kid: lacrosse is so gay cause its played by lebiens in the uk so im gonna go home and sit on my fat ass like a good little american

nomal kid: u are the stupidest fattest thing i have ever seen and if u played lacrosse u could drop 60 lb in a week go to a D-1 school and possibly have a girlfriend.....
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a sport that, if was easy, would be called football

also the greatest sport ever
laxer: lets go play some lacrosse
homo: no way
laxer: ur gayyy
by laxsauce January 04, 2008
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One of the best sports in the world, next to football, It's also the oldest sport in North America, and it's Canada's national sport, not hockey, and if any thing should be out national past time it should be football not base ball. It takes speed, strength, agility, stamina, and big balls. It's not for fucking pussies like soccer or base ball, which is boring as fuck, has no contact, and takes no athletic abilty, and they still take steriods. Native Americans had even bigger balls becuse when they played it it was preperation for war and alot of people died. It's prety much the spring equivelant of football(mixed with some hockey, which was modled after lacrosse, basket ball is similar to lacrosse to becuase the person who invented basket ball actualy played lacrosse),and alot of people who play lacrosse play football which is a reason why it's not pussy. It's the fastest growing sport in america and more people watched the ncaa 2006 lacrosse championship than any other championchip exept football. It is kind of expensive but less expensive than hocky so its not just for rich kids, besides base ball players are the ones who always think their hot shit and admire their home runs. And there is diversity, the mest player one the john hopkins lacrosse team was a balck dude, ifact there are alot of black dudes in lacrosse. It's the more athletic than soccer for several reasons, the ball gets turned over more, you have a little over five pounds of gear on(which dons't really help), and you get the shit beaten out of you and have to run wihile sustaning injury. So if there are any bese ball players who complain about getting hit with a base ball, feel how heavy a lacrosse ball is and then get it with a 100 mph shot. Base ball players can say what ever they want about lacrosse, "It's for pussies", but they know that just a bunch of shit becuse obviosly its not and they're jelouse becuse their dad makes them play base ball instead of a real man's sport and they know that they don't have the balls to play lacrosse. So if you hate it then don't be a fag and give it a chance and you'll see how extream it is, and look at some of the moves professional lacrosse players do.I've at least played base ball and soccer and i have friends who play them(It's ok if girls play them), and they both fucking suck chode.
Base Ball player: I wan't to play a sport where i don't have to get hit and takes so little athletisism i barley have to run my fat ass, and you know what would be great is if i got to run around a little dimond.

Soccer player: I want to play a sport where i get to run around in little shorts, kick a ball around, and meet other homo-sexuals. I also want to do it with out getting hurt.

Lacrosse player: I want to play a sport where girls wont think im a fagot that runs around a dimond or in little shorts. I also don't want people to think im a pussy.

If lacrosse where boring they'd call it base ball or soccer
by Phillip Greco July 25, 2006
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Considered to be the fastest growing sport in the U.S. While this is true, it is a poor statistic as there are only like one or two other sports known.

Most of the time, the players usually weren't really good at the other High School sports so they resort to Lacrosse as no one really knows about it.
It's high school now and I need to join a sport.

I think I'm going to join lacrosse.
by only you August 18, 2004
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