Someone who is a combination of crazy tough, insanely brave, and very very crazy who is willing, and actually hoping, to step in front of a dense rubber ball that can be traveling near 100mph with nothing but a cup, helmet, stick, gloves, and thin foam chest pad.
1. I would never want to be a lacrosse goalie.

2. That guy's almost nuts enough to be a lacrosse goalie.
by Tigerlax February 3, 2008
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a goalie who plays lacrosse (duh) but I would consider insane. They take balls made out of 100% rubber in the legs with out any padding for a living (not to mention the ball is going 100 mph) To be honest they don't always get hit in the legs, and they are allowed to wear shin guards but don't always...
lacrosse hater: being a goalie in lacrosse is easy all you have to do is use a huge plastic net
me: well actually you have to get drilled in the legs by 100 mph balls so its pretty hard to be a lacrosse goalie
by supye March 17, 2010
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Makes baseball players, soccer players, hockey goalies and every other athelete excpt for rugby players look like pussies
Lacrosse goalies are the toughest people on the planet period.
by bigc August 4, 2007
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A person that has enough balls to guard a 6' by 6' net while only using his body and his stick to lead his team to victory. Lacrosse goalies are always willing and daring to put themself in the path of a 5 ounce solid rubber ball traveling at speeds in excess of 100+ mph to stop a shot. Not everyone can be a lacrosse goalie. The position requires extreme amounts of cordination, skill, and bravery. Lacrosse goalies wear little amounts of protection compared to other positions or other contact sports. The only position for a real champ on a lacrosse team.
A real man that isn't afraid to take a hit that leaves a black and blue mark the size of a dinner plate on the inside of their leg. A real leader of the team and a person that isn't afraid of anything. Someone is says... Pain goes away, Victories last a lifetime, and chick dig scars. And that is what a lacrosse goalie is.
by laxgoalie6 December 24, 2008
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The most badass position in any sport ever. Goalies in lax regularly have to stop shots travelling in excess of 80mph. The best shooters today can hit the 90's or 100mph, so goalies must have incredible reflexes. They are also wicked badass because they get hit with these shots with almost no padding yet they dont appear to be in any pain at all. Goalies are essential to their teams success. Other lax bros are jealous of us goalies because we have so much skill.
I am a lacrosse goalie. I am a badass and I get laid every night.
by sicklaxgoalie9 February 27, 2011
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Knee high socks
colorful Sweat pants tucked into those knee high socks
Brightly colored head, mesh, and Lazer green shooters
Large arm bands
Brightly colored tape
and brightly colored shoe laces= really pisses the fuck out of attack men and middies
Attack man: "Man look at brandons Lacrosse Goalie Swag!"
Midde: "yea i really want to stab the shit out of him"
by AquaHippo July 2, 2010
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The Girls lacrosse goalie is a physco crazy person who has no fears what so ever and doesn’t give a crap about what other lame people say and if a boy try’s to ask her out and impress her you best believe he’s going to get the crap beat out of him because she lets no one stand in her way and that’s not going to change also if people say that the are lazy they should go to any lacrosse practices in the area and they will unlock a new fear that will stick with them for life and they will want to join so that they don’t get the crap beat out if them
A girls lacrosse goalie is the craziest most amazing and important team me ever and she caries the entire team on her back or should I say lacrosse stick
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