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catholic high school in pasadena, california where most all of the kids smoke weed and drink on the weekends. its the public school of the private schools.
hey man did you hear what happend to like 20 kids from la salle high school?

yeahhh dude, they all ended up at phs after getting caught blazing in the albertsons parking lot!
by superstaru July 12, 2008
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The school that is ranked higher than st joesephs prep in philadelphia magazine. we poop on prep. prep looks like a black midget's vagina. and smells like one. lasalle owns u.
LaSalle high school kid: i hate prep
prep kid: i smell like a black midget's vagina
by poopynigger cock September 16, 2006
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School where people who did not get into the Prep go. Commonly known as 'sallies'.
I didn't get into the Prep, but Lasalle gave me a full ride.
by Lasalle sucks at everything March 16, 2005
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The school that gets raped by St. Joe's Prepin everything so often, that when their moms change their tampons to stop the anal bleeding, they have to use the jumbo size. See also pussy.
-Could you find LaSalle High School?
-Yes. It was hard at first with the sign missing, but it was the only school around that teaches walking vaginas.
by TheHawkWillNeverDie May 02, 2005
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school for blonde hotties . eff you prep
damn whats that smell..oh it must be lasalle because they are the opposed to prep who is shit.
by prephascameltoes April 03, 2005
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A school in Pasadena California where the students think they are the shit. Everyone tries to party really hard to try to look cool. They pretend they are good at athletics but their only good teams are Girls Volleyball and Softball. Basically over rated in every way and they havent won a football game since 2009. They suck so much that they have a girl kicker.
Hey Lets go watch the La Salle High School football game.

No way they are gonna lose anyway why waste the money.
by DENA KID September 21, 2011
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