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A classic la choy bomb consists of 1 can of la choy Chinese food in a plastic shopping bag. The bad I held by a person in the passenger seat of a car and swung in a circular fashion outside the window while the car is moving. Person releases the bag so that it hits the target (other cars, street sighs, people and the homeless) leaving a considerable mess in its wake. Any custom concoction can be use in place of la choy, but experts claim that the original works the best. The greatest of all the la choy bombers is a person known as " boy boy the south troy la choy boy"
Me: damn i'm bored fuck!
Joe crack: yooo lets la choy bomb someone
Goose: yeah I'll drive
Me: i'm calling the south troy la choy boy... (Phone ringing) this is gunna be great

by fat sum March 18, 2008
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