person 1: ky
by YeetSwede February 15, 2023
A phrase that is like kys
She told me to ky.
by Joe mama1234123 May 1, 2022
Ky is an intelligent young man and is hella fine and can fight and gets alot of girls
damn Ky is so fine im going to ask him out
by Mikeeyyy anigleo November 23, 2021
someone very sexy and intelligent and is a good kisser and most girls like him and he can fight so manly
by Mikeeyyy anigleo November 23, 2021
The most attractive person on planet earth. A person with the name or nickname "Ky" usually has a dick approximately 7 to 9 inches in size, And can last the longest in bed.
Girl 1: Omg Ky just fucked Mr raw for 2 hours without stopping. I literally couldn't walk after.

Girl 2: really?, gotta give that a try.
by THE7INCHWONDER January 5, 2023
KY$ is commonly used as being short for Kill yourself. Can be used in video games when you rage and cry from getting spawn camped in Call of Duty.
Ay man, stop camping you asshole go KY$!
by Drunk drivers March 4, 2023